Posted by: rlukei | 2011/03/02

Yes – Three Eggs in Nest

Understandably, viewers of the WVEC eagle cam at Norfolk Botanical Garden continue to ask “how many eggs are in the nest?” Understandable because recently due to the buildup of pine straw around the edge of the nest viewers have only seen one or two eggs, and sometimes none when the adults exchanged incubating chores. Yesterday at 5:41pm the female got up and stood on the edge of the nest before flying off and gave everyone a good view of all three of her eggs. Seconds later the male stepped into the nest to take over his brooding chores.


Good clear view this time Reese. Those 3 eggs must have taken a lot out of Mom this year. I dont remember her taking all these naps during the day in past years. She seems to want a nap in the afternoon every day this year. Either she is tired out from laying them or resting up for chicks to come or simply bored stiff.

Thank you Reese. I love seeing these beautiful eggs so clearly.