Posted by: rlukei | 2011/01/18

WVEC Live Eagle Cam Live Today Jan 18

Once again television station WVEC  is broadcasting the live internet web cam from the bald eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  The Eagle Cam – – is a project of Norfolk Botanical Garden, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries and WVEC with eagle biology support from The Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William & Mary.

After an all night rain the eagle adults arrived at 7:35am at their new nest a bit late and soaking wet to a cheering crowd of adoring internet web cam fans. The season has begun!



Thanks, Reese! I missed this arrival this morning…glad to get to see it. Gorgeous beings even soaking wet!! Now back to the cam. LOL

Another year of excitement. Thank you to everyone who makes this happen.

They have no idea how much they are loved!!!
Thanks for all the people who help bring this to us.

LOVELY, this is wonderful to have everyone back! THANKS REESE and the rest who have made this possible and all the work you have done for our eyes to enjoy one of natures best sites!!! OUR BALD EAGLE!!

So, all your snow is gone???!!! Hopefully they won’t have to deal with another round… I do hear our weather from MN is kinda headed east, hope the deep freeze isn’t dangerous!!


As to the Camera. Is not the IR generated by the IR oval to the right of the camera lense. (ref: What’s the deal about focusing the IR light?

Do you have make and model of a camera with a good IR capability that can be used. Would appreciate that information.

Response – There is an internal IR light, however everytime we have tried to use it the reflection off the camera hood washes out the picture. To correct that, an external IR light is being used that is a couple feet away from the camera. When the camera and IR were installed at the new nest the IR light was slightly misaimed above the nest.

Reese, do you know if the webcam is a part of any of the android or itunes camera apps? The camera is blocked on my office computer, and I’d love to be able to pick it up on my smartphone.

Response – I don’t know but will find out. Very good question. – Reese

2nd response – I found out. The web cam is not yet available on smart phone but WVEC is working on it. You can get the moderated chat on your smart phone.

Hi Reese – now that the webcam is active, will you continue to post photos to this blog occasionally? I can’t get the camera at work, and really enjoy being able to see a few new photos on a weekly basis (if not more). It always starts off my day on a good note when I see these eagles throughout the seasons. Thanks for all you do!

Response – Yes Meg, I will post photos as events happen at the nest. – Reese