Posted by: rlukei | 2011/01/11

Nest Building

Yesterday morning Jan 10 the female moved a large piece of rotting tree trunk that has been in the back of the nest for about two weeks (you can see it in previously posted photos) to the front edge of the nest blocking our camera view into the bottom of the nest (photos 1-3). This morning the male moved that piece of wood to the right side restoring our view into the nest pocket (at least for now). Note you can see the eagle’s feet in last photo.


Smart male!

Is this a new nest where there is no camara?

Response – Yes this is a new nest and the camera has been moved to it.

One more thing. what happened to the other nest?

Response – The other two nests are still there. We have no idea why the eagles have built a third nest. The camera has been moved to the new nest and is expected to go live on WVEC next week.

They look so pretty and clean, also young. Awesome!

Reese, your commentary makes all the difference. Thank you. Great pictures with the new cam location, can’t wait for the live cam to begin.

Nice of him to help us out! Thank you, Reese, for keeping us in the loop. Your blog has been great for supplying the eagle fix. So looking forward to the live feed again.

Thanks very much to the one that answered me. I will look forward to the live cam in action.
I think because of all the attention they got the last few years that they would try and move the nest location. Myyyyyyyy doodness! Mom/Dad don’t want there babies banded.