Posted by: rlukei | 2010/11/30

Female Nov 30, 2010

The eagles appear to be working on their new nest this morning. While the camera does not have a view of the new nest, the eagles can be seen when they fly in and out toward the canal and NATO Tower. This morning for about two minutes the female took a short break on the love branch of the 2010 nest. She was nervously looking all around for her mate the whole time. Here are three photos of her.

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Will we have a cam at the new nest site?

Yikes! Nervously?? When Mom is worried, I am worried!

Is there an on-line map of NBG where those of us who can’t get there could see the location of the new nest tree? Just wondering!!

Thanks for the up-date, Reese

Yes there is an online map. The current nest is at #13. The new nest under construction is to the left of #14. Reese

Is the nest cam easy to relocate? Will it be relocated once the Mom and Dad decide which next will meet their needs? I hope it’s the new nest – last year’s nest appears to have been demolished by the three boys – wingercises were really exuberant. It appears half the nest has fallen to lower branches in the tree.