Posted by: rlukei | 2010/06/03

ND and NE Also Pose for Camera

NBG Eagles ND June 2-1NBG Eagles ND June 2-2NBG Eagles NE June 2-1NBG Eagles NE June 2-2

All three of the NBG fledglings have located the camera tree. There are several branches that they can sit on and in the first two photos above ND is sitting right beside the camera about 3 feet away allowing for excellent closeups. In photos 3 and 4, NE sits directly below the camera but on a different branch that the one NC sat on. NE is resting his left foot that holds his purple band. This is normal behavior for eagles and all birds but, it does make for a strange view when seen from directly above.

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Reese – I luv the closeups. I was watching when you got these. It looks like NE is showing his band so you will identify him correctly. LOL He is such a beautiful fellow, as is his brother. The nest this year, so far, has been calm. Guess that speaks for them being all boys. Looking forward to class on Saturday.

Thank you for all you do.

These closeups are fantastic! I just came home from an Alaskan cruise last week and I got to see lots of eagles on shore excursions! It was amazing to see so many in one place. I hope Virginia will have an “eagle explosion” like they have there. They are so beautiful to watch.