Posted by: rlukei | 2010/05/23

Camellia (NC) branching May 23

NBG Eagles NC branching May 23-2NBG Eagles NC branching May 23-4NBG Eagles NC branching May 23-5

Three times this morning (so far), Sunday May 23, Camellia (NC) has jumped up on one of the branches to right of his nest – at 7:22, 9:30 and 9:46. It takes muscle, balance and coordination, plus a bit of courage, to make it out onto the branches. ND has tried tp get up there this morning too, but not quite there yet. Perhaps later today. NE is watching and will be up there soon. All three have been seen on the lower branch on right of nest, so just a matter of time.

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That was a most exciting morning — so glad cam was working

Oh wow!! Great pics, thanks!! Sorry I missed it but how exciting for everyone watching!!
Glad to see the pics!!