Posted by: rlukei | 2010/05/15

Camellia on Branch May 15

Camellia on branch - Duane NoblickCamellia branching May 12 - Bobbi M

At nine weeks of age Camellia (NC) has taken a giant step toward fledging and independence. The first photo above by photographer Duane Noblick taken at 9:35am May 15 clearly shows Camellia out of the nest and doing what is called “branching”. This is a process of leaving the nest, gaining balance and coordination, a lot of exercising to build up their pectoral muscles in order to be able to take flight. As Camellia gains confidence he will move further out on this and the other branches. The other two eagles will also be doing so in the next couple days. There were observations by several others that have Camellia taking his first steps on this branch on May 12th. The second photo was taken about 1:15pm May 12 by Bobbi Monaghan.

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They grow up too fast.

It doesn’t seem like the eaglets should already be taking this next step. Time flies by. I will be sad when they all leave the nest. I love to watch them online and in person!

Thanks for the pictures.

Reese, thank you for the pics. I agree with Abner, they grow up too fast.

I was glad to be able to see the photo of Camellia on branch on 15th since I missed the event. I was watching on 12th and I think if you look closely at 2nd photo you’ll see she wasn’t branching that day – you can see the feet on a large stick in nest but the tree branch behind her is a few feet away i think – closeup photography makes it appear right next to her. There was a lot of chatter that day in open chat and most seemed to agree she was on stick that sits up in nest.

My, our little Cam is taking on the challenges of Eaglehood. It is so fast that they do this. It would be nice if he’d hang around like our Azalea did but I doubt that. I wonder if he’d fly in her direction at some point and enjoy the catfish as well? We will find out, for sure. Thanks again for the update. I was hoping we’d see them around the nest at the next class, June 5th. any chance of that?????

reese,someone said another class june 5th,where,when,i cannt find anything on it. i want to be there. looks like we have another little “diva”even tho he is a i am going to miss them so much went they are gone,but we can always stay close to both the “diva’s.Thanks agaim reese for everything.

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