Posted by: rlukei | 2010/04/10

On-line Bald Eagle Class – April 12

NBG Eagles April 10-1

The three of us invite you to join us at an on-line class about bald eagle basics to be presented by The Center for Conservation Biology Research Associate Reese Lukei, Jr. It will be on the WVEC moderated Eagle Cam Chat on April 12 from noon to 1:00pm EDT. There is no charge and no registration required. Just tune in to the WVEC Eagle Cam, then the moderated chat. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. Debbi (Congowings) will assist by helping to select questions. We suggest that you review the eagle terms in the post on this blog on April 5. They were used in the eagle classes given on April 3 at Norfolk Botanical Garden and you will see them used throughout the rest of this season in this blog and on the two WVEC chats. We will see you there.

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How wonderful of you to do this! Thank you so much.

please have an on line eagle class in the evening

You guys/gals are the best, I’m in South Florida and watched the eaglets for 2 yrs, my classes are thoroughly engaged, thank you a big bunch 🙂

What a lovely invitation! 🙂
I’ll be there. Thank you so much for doing this!

Sending my best,
Susana (Lisbon, PT).

Reese, I will try to tune in tomorrow. How exciting! Will you repeat this, or do it again?

You suggest we review the terms from 4/5. I’d love to. HOW? I can’t figure out how to get to them.

Look at the text of the post called “We are growing rapidly” (April 5) – that is where Reese has posted some terminology related to eagles and wildlife.

I am a cam supporter and donated again this year. I encourage others to do so also. For some reason our server at work has us blocked out of the moderated discussion part of the site. Will your class be posted on this blog so we can access it later? I had planned to participate but can’t gain access.

Ah. I missed so much this year. I loved watching and waiting as the story of the eagles unfolded last year. I hardly left my computer! I enjoyed talking with the other eagle lovers, too. I hope the class will be available for viewing, as my hours have changed and I finally have some time to watch the birdies again! Since I’ve been out of the loop, what ever happened with Buddy the little guy with the growth from last year?


Here’s the link to the Wildlife Center of VA page on Buddy. Buddy has been deemed non releaseable and will become an educational eagle. Any my how time flies, Buddy was born 2 years ago!