Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/15

Feeding Three Hungry Eaglets

NBG Eagles Feeding Mar15-1NBG Eagles Feeding Mar15-2NBG Eagles Feeding-pm Mar15-1NBG Eagles Feeding-pm Mar15-2

Now that incubating and hatching of the three eggs is complete, the next chore for the adults is to keep three hungry eaglets fed. The hatchlings will grow quickly and keeping them fed will be a full time job for both parents. While duties are shared, the male will do most of the foraging for food, and for the first couple weeks the female will spend most of her time on the nest caring for her chicks. Photos from web cam this morning (1 & 2), and at 4:10 this afternoon (3 & 4).

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They are just so cute. It is amazing at the positive outcome for all three eaglets after the first egg was hatched in the snow. It seems the two younger ones are at a disadvantage, especially the youngest. And the oldest is the one that will most definitely survive because he is the strongest and can take advantage of the other two’s vulnerabilities. Look at him! He’s got lots of fight in him. He’ll be a magnificent eagle. All of them will be.

Awesome captures by the way! Thank you!