Posted by: rlukei | 2010/03/13

2 Eaglets this Morning March 13, 2010, Third egg Pipped

NBG Eagles Chick#2-2NBG Eagles Chick#2-4NBG Eagles Third Egg Pipped-2NBG Eagles Third Egg Pipped-3NBG Eagles Feeding2-2NBG Eagles Feeding2-3

The second eaglet hatched during the night. The exact time of hatching was not observed so midnight March 13 is the time that will be used as official time. At 12:30 while the two eaglets were being fed the third egg clearly shows that a hole has been pipped, so we can expect a third hatchling very soon.

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This is so wonderful , Reese. Now 1 to go. I hope the babies are blessed with good health and a wonderful life free of harm. Thanks for EVERYTHING that you do for us and Eagles. I am so excited about our Eagles.

awww 2 bobbleheads — Thursday and Saturday— 1 more to go

They are so cute. And so exciting that the third egg has pipped. That means the first egg must have made it thru the snowstorm! YAY!

Thanks for answering all the questions and posting the wonderful pictures!

I’ve been reading your blogs with great interest. It’s official, we see pipping for a third time this season. Great news! And wonderful captures, as always. Thank you.