Posted by: rlukei | 2010/02/07

NO Snow, No Rain, No Wind – Sunshine!!

NBG Eagles Feb 7-3NBG Eagles Feb 7-4

These eagles have got to be saying “finally a day with sunshine”. Since the first egg arrived on Jan 31 the weather in Norfolk has been anything but what you would want when you are laying your eggs. Even though it remained cold, the sun did shine. In these two photos the female gives her WVEC web cam fans a good look at her three eggs. She tucked some more pine straw around them then took a good look herself to be certain all was the way she wanted it. The newest egg is left front. First egg in back.

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All these shots are great Reese. I am glad that there wasn’t a lot of snow. Thanks for sharing. Helen

These pictures are spectacular!! The chat that you offer is great. The openness of information is very unique. Is there another camera, other than the eagle cam on the website that you use to observe the eagles and take these beautiful pictures? Thanks for what you do. I have been glued to my pc and this website and the WV eagle website since last Tuesday when I first heard of it. This is really incredible. I hope to visit NBG when we get a chance to go back home for a visit. Hope to meet some of you then!

Mary – Thank you for your comments and interest. This is the only bald eagle nest we currently have a camera on. CCB will have an active Peregrine Falcon web cam shortly. An announcement will be made when that happens. I invite you to visit the blog site for Azalea, the 2009 eaglet that CCB fitted a satellite transmitter on. She is currently in NC.