Posted by: rlukei | 2010/02/06

The Suspense is Over – Three Eggs

NBG Eagles Third Egg-10NBG Eagles Third Egg-14

Yet another day with many WVEC eagle cam viewers asking if there would be a third egg in the nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden. At about 12:25pm that question was asked again and  my response was “keep watching”. At 11:55 the female left the nest and the male took over incubating their two eggs. She returned at 11:59 and forced the male off the eggs even though he did not want to leave. At 12:24 it had become obvious that she was about to deliver her third egg. Just as the rain was changing to snow, she did just that – egg #3 deposited in the nest at 12:29. The two photos above were taken about 4:47pm after it had been snowing for over 4 hours. The male had been incubating the “three” eggs for the first time. The female returned to the nest. The male was covered with snow indicating how well insulated eagles are despite their 105f body temperature.  He got up and gave all of us a very good look at their three eggs. Note that the third egg which is in back is very white and mom is taking a long look at it.

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Reese – thank you – what delightful captures. Now the wait begins. Mom will be able to get some rest for a while before things really get crazy. It really is wonderful how many people all around the world were able to see this miracle of nature as it happened.

Thank you so much for all you do for wildlife and for us.


Good write up reese. thanks for the info. i can’t wait until they hatch and possibly get to watch that as well. nature at it’s best!! so beautiful

Thank you Reese for keeping us so well informed. I show my 8th grade students the eagles each day and we discuss what they see. I personally have watched the eaglets last year and was thrilled to see the couple return to watch once again, Keep up the great work.

Beautiful. Thanks for the terrific pictures! Now to wait for the hatching to begin!

Thanks for all your terrific information.